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Ultherapy is a revolutionary cosmetic procedure that can help patients look fresher and younger without undergoing any painful surgeries.


Ultherapy, an FDA-approved non-invasive cosmetic procedure, is used for lifting and tightening the chin, brow, and neck regions for a revitalized appearance. It is also effective in reducing wrinkles and fine lines on the chest area.

Ultherapy is considered to be an extremely safe technique and makes use of time-tested ultrasound energy for naturally lifting and tightening the skin. It involves no surgery and requires no downtime. This means that you can get back to your routine activities almost immediately after the treatment.

This treatment relies on the stimulation of collagen protein in the skin. At the age of 30, most people begin to lose approximately 1 percent of collagen each year. With the gradual drop in collagen production, the skin begins to lose its elasticity and starts to sag. The skin looks older and more worn out and develops visible wrinkles and fine lines.


Ultherapy works very differently from radio frequency, lasers, surgeries, and various other techniques. It does not have any negative effects on the skin. The technology delivers the exact quantity of ultrasound energy to the skin layers at optimal depths and temperature. This stimulates the regenerative process in the tissues, producing new, fresh collagen.

In addition to this, it also utilizes conventional ultrasound imaging that allows the surgeon to view the tissue layers being treated. This ensures that the ultrasound energy reaches the exact areas where it will be most effective.

Ultrasound energy has been used safely for over 50 years in the field of medicine. Clinical studies have appraised Ultherapy as a highly effective and safe procedure. It has allowed more than half a million patients all around the world to restore their youthful appearance.


A single Ultherapy session will be helpful in counteracting the effects of gravity, time, and sun exposure. The initial effect of Ultherapy is sometimes visible almost instantly. The full results become visible over a period of two to three months as new collagen continues to be produced. This new collagen contributes to lifting and tightening the skin of your chin, brow, neck, and chest.

This procedure is highly recommended for anyone who doesn’t want to go through an invasive rejuvenation procedure like a facelift; it provides similar results and is perfect for people who are uncomfortable with surgeries. It is also an excellent option for those seeking to prolong the results of a previous aesthetic surgery.

Ultherapy will not require any special preparation before it is performed; you do not need to follow any specific skincare regimen prior to it.


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