Ready for the New Butt You’ve Always Wanted?

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Most women want to have a shapely butt. A rounder and fuller buttocks can add grace to the feminine figure. A shapely butt combined with a toned tummy and well-shaped bust is the desired look for women around the world.

If you think that your buttocks is flat and not shaped the way you want it to be, you’re not alone. Research shows that a large number of women are not comfortable with their natural buttocks. With the advent of modern surgical procedures, enhancement of the buttocks is now possible through a procedure known as buttocks augmentation.


Buttocks augmentation, known in surgical parlance as gluteoplasty, is the enhancement of the gluteal region of the body (the buttocks, the tailbone, and the hips). Buttocks augmentation can be performed by using the patient’s own excess body fat as a volumizing material. To accomplish this, we offer a state-of-the-art procedure known as the Brazilian butt lift.


The Brazilian butt lift process is best suited for men and women who have a body fat ratio between 10% and 25%. In certain patients, the abdomen is the primary location where fat is stored, while the buttocks contains comparatively lesser fat. Other patients have excess fat in the thighs or other regions.

The Brazilian butt lift involves three main steps: liposuction to harvest fat cells, purification of the cells, and injection of the cells.

First, liposuction is performed on the areas that contain excess fat. The fat cells are removed in as gentle a harvesting process as possible, which preserves the health of the cells. Because the body typically metabolizes some of the transferred fat over time, a larger amount of fat will be harvested than may seem necessary.

Liposuction involves use of a tube called a cannula, which is inserted into the region where there is excess stubborn fat. Medical suction is used to remove the fat cells from the area, shrinking it in volume.

Once the fat cells have been harvested through liposuction, they are purified. This involves the removal of excess liquid and damaged and dead fat cells, leaving the surgeon with a large amount of healthy excess fat cells to work with.

The purified fat is then transferred to the tissues of the gluteal region through the use of numerous microinjections. The fat is deposited at various depths in the tissues in a way that creates even results.

This step of the process can take a fair amount of time, but it is worth it to ensure precise and safe injection of the cells. Healthy fat cells placed correctly can thrive in their new locations, meaning the results of the Brazilian butt lift can last for a long time.


Are you ready for a fuller, curvier rear end? Contact the office of Dr. R. Emerick Salas to arrange a helpful Brazilian butt lift consultation. Dr. Salas, an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, has the skill needed to get you the results you’ve been hoping for.