Botox Causes Wrinkles to Fade

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Botox is an injectable product that smoothes out the lines and wrinkles that occur as a result of overactive facial muscles. It has been used very safely for many years for cosmetic as well as medical procedures.

It helps to relax the muscles of the face, as these are the muscles that cause wrinkles in areas like the forehead, brow, and around the eyes. After the treatment, patients look more relaxed and no longer appear older than they feel.


Those who have crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead wrinkles, and other age lines are good candidates for Botox. A simple Botox injection can make you look less aged by removing all those fine lines.

If you are pregnant, you should not use this injection. Also, if you are breastfeeding, you should not take this injection. Patients who have myasthenia gravis, multiple sclerosis, Lambert-Eaton syndrome, or any neurological disease are not good candidates for Botox.

If you have experienced a loss of vision, history of temporary paralysis, or double vision, you must avoid Botox injections.


The results of this treatment appear on the areas that it is been used to treat. Thanks to the treatment, the wrinkles around your eyes and forehead can be smoothed away. Moreover, the entire facial expressions can be relaxed and become more chiseled.

The improvements from Botox injections may last from four months before another treatment is required, though this will depend on the specifics of the patient.


To start your Botox treatment process, you’ll need to arrange a consultation with a skilled medical professional. During this consultation, the two of you will discuss your doubts and concerns, which can then be addressed.

What is most important is that you are open to opinions and discussions with the doctor. You need to be honest with your doctor and develop a comfort level with the doctor so you can share your aesthetic needs and goals with them.

The consultation is crucial, as the doctor will be able to examine your skin and then determine if you are a good candidate for Botox injections. You will need to tell your doctor about your medical history in great detail. The doctor will describe the procedure in depth so you know exactly what you will be undergoing. Post-procedure care will also be discussed.

If the doctor sees that you may need additional medical procedures and treatments, they will lay it out on the table so you can discuss it and then make a decision.

It is always helpful to bring along a picture of your desired results so it serves as a point of reference and so the doctor knows exactly what your goals are for this procedure.


If you are interested in a consultation with Dr. R. Emerick Salas, an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, contact our office today and make an appointment. Botox can give your skin the more youthful look you’ve been searching for.