Getting Implants that Give You the Breasts You Want

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Breast augmentation using implants can produce excellent results by enhancing breast size and volume. But to attain your desired results, it is important to choose the implants best suited to your needs and body proportions. The best way to make this type of choice is to first learn about your implant options.


If you have asymmetrical breasts and wish to opt for the breast-augmentation procedure, you may want to consider saline implants. With saline implants, there is an option to add volume during the surgical procedure instead of just beforehand. The volume can be adjusted to correct the asymmetry perfectly. Silicone implants can also address asymmetry if they are ordered in the appropriate sizes.

Silicone implants are considered the better option for patients looking for more natural-looking results. You can choose regular silicone implants or form-stable implants. Regular silicone implants are softer than form-stable implants.

Regular silicone implants are only available in round shapes, and form-stable implants are available in teardrop shapes (also called “anatomical”).

Implants can be textured or smooth. For a more natural look, smooth implants are better, as textured implants have thicker shells.


There are several factors to consider when choosing breast implants:

Body size and shape – You need to ensure that the implant you choose is proportionate with your body contours. If you have a wider chest, you may want to choose flatter and larger implants to better fit with your body size. If your body frame is petite, smaller implants may be a more suitable choice for you.

Breast size and shape – It is also important to consider your existing breast proportions to find the right implant for you. Breast sag and availability of breast tissues can be determining factors for choosing one implant type over another.

Breast profile – Some implants can help you achieve a low breast profile, while others can be helpful for a higher profile. Breast profile is the way your breast projects forward from your chest. A low profile can look more natural than a higher one.

Lifestyle – Women who lead active lifestyles or work in career fields that require them to be physically active may hesitate to get bigger implants, fearing it may impede their work. Dr. Salas can help you find the right implant that offers more profile without being too large for your lifestyle. It can help you augment your breast size without creating new discomfort.

Surgical goals – The ideal implant type depends in part on your aesthetic requirements. Do you want only a slight increase or a more dramatic augmentation? Do you want your breasts to look as natural as possible after the augmentation procedure?


The best way to choose the right implant for your augmentation surgery is through a consultation. Qualified and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. R. Emerick Salas will perform an examination and consider your medical history before making recommendations.

Dr. Salas will consider your lifestyle, surgical goals, and expectations to help you find the right implant size and type. He will discuss the implant-placement options with you based on your anatomy. You can even see implant samples in our office in order to feel the texture.

To schedule an appointment for your informative breast-augmentation consultation, contact our office today.