A Brazilian Butt Lift Boosts Your Rear End


It’s hard to get a curvy and sexy butt without the help of cosmetic enhancement. It’s also incredibly tough to get rid of unwanted stubborn body fat. With a Brazilian butt lift, you can accomplish both goals at once during the course of a single procedure!


The Brazilian butt lift is one of the most popular and effective plastic-surgery procedures available today. It is a type of augmentation procedure that focuses on the buttocks. This surgical procedure enhances the size and shape of a person’s rear end by using undesired fat from other areas of the body.

This augmentation approach is more organic than ones that involve implants, as it uses the patient’s own body fat and creates a leaner and more natural appearance.


There are several factors that affect the natural look of a person’s butt, including genetics. To be eligible for this procedure, people must do the following:

• They should have a healthy lifestyle and be free of health conditions.
• They should be able to follow and commit to instructions for before and after the procedure to ensure quality results.
• They need to have realistic expectations.
• They should be non-smokers, as smoking interferes with the healing process.
• They must be willing to gain weight if necessary in order to have enough excess body fat for transfer and augmentation.


The Brazilian butt lift begins with the administration of general anesthesia. It is a three-part procedure. In the first part, unwanted excess fat is removed through gentle liposuction from designated areas in order to be used to augment the butt. This fat is extracted from areas like the abdomen, hips, back, and thighs, often with the help of a microcannula.

In the second part, the fat cells go through a purification process. This process ensures that the transferred fat cells are as healthy as possible and removes any unnecessary material.

In the third part of the procedure, the healthy fat cells are reinjected into the appropriate areas of the buttocks and hips. They are injected evenly at multiple depths to give the butt a natural appearance and feel. The main objective is to primarily fill the upper area of the buttocks and create a perky and curvy behind that feels rounder.


You will need to rest for a time after your Brazilian butt lift. Time off from work is recommended until the patient is able to resume their normal activities.

It’s important to ensure that the transferred fat cells survive during the recovery process. When the fat cells survive, the augmentation results can be incredibly long-lasting. To help with this, a special pillow is provided to ensure that the posterior is protected while the tissues are healing. A compression garment must also be worn to address swelling.

The duration of a full recovery is about three to six months, but this number differs from person to person. After the swelling has fully gone down, the results will be apparent and you will have a curvy rear end you can be proud of.


Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. R. Emerick Salas will help you boost your rear end and lose fat from trouble areas with a Brazilian butt lift. Contact us today to set up your informative consultation.