Get the Perfect Beach Bod with a Tummy Tuck

tummy tuck

Without professional assistance, sculpting the perfect beach body could take years. No matter how hard you train, you might constantly struggle with excess skin and fat throughout the midsection. If you are tired of ineffective abdominal workouts and gimmicky weight loss supplements, then you should consider a tummy tuck. This procedure is also able to remove excess skin if you have experienced dramatic weight loss or pregnancy.

An Overview of Tummy Tucks

Sticking to a sensible diet and trying to be as active as possible will eventually result in weight loss, but getting rid of excess tissue in the midsection might take years. Your body uses that soft tissue as an emergency supply of energy, and that is one of the reasons why it is so difficult to get rid of. Many people also struggle with excess soft tissue after losing weight in a short period of time. The primary purpose of a tummy tuck is to remove that soft tissue in order to create a slim and toned midsection.

Ideal Tummy Tuck Candidate

Most relatively healthy adults are going to be excellent candidates, but we will need to look over your medical history and discuss your cosmetic goals. Even though tummy tucks are very effective, this procedure might not be a good option if you still have quite a bit of weight to lose. A patient should be relatively close to their ideal weight before this treatment is carried out. You must also be ready to make healthy lifestyle choices following the operation. Gaining or losing a significant amount of weight after a tummy tuck might impact the results.

If you are a woman, you must be sure you will not get pregnant in the future. Future pregnancies can completely reverse the results from your tummy tuck.

If you want to turn heads next time you head to the beach, then you should consider undergoing a tummy tuck. With this procedure, we can carefully sculpt a beautiful and balanced midsection that you are going to be proud of. You can also maintain the results for years as long as you follow our aftercare instructions and stick to a sensible diet.

At Salas Plastic Surgery, our professionals know how hard it can be to achieve a toned midsection, or how impossible it is to get rid of excess skin on your own. We invite you to learn about the many benefits of a tummy tuck at our office in Miami, FL. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!