Can LATISSE Work for Me?


LATISSE® makes it possible to have thick, full eyelashes without the need to apply mascara. This is a prescription solution that causes the lashes to grow when it is applied regularly over a period of time. This intended to be used by individuals sparse or short eyelashes. This is a safe and effective cosmetic breakthrough. The LATISSE® solution is mainly comprised of bimatoprost. This ingredient is known to help eyelashes grow.

This product was originally used for the treatment of glaucoma. This was when the discovery was made that the individuals using the drops to treat their condition also started to notice their eyelashes were growing in longer and thicker. This discovery was responsible for the testing that eventually led to LATISSE®.


The Application Process for LATISSE®

Prior to applying the solution, it is important to thoroughly wash your face and hands. If you wear contacts, you need to remove them prior to using the solution. Wait approximately fifteen minutes after using the solution to reinsert your contacts. Begin by placing one drop of the solution on your applicator. Gently draw the applicator across the skin of your upper eyelid.


The applicator should be kept towards the bottom of your lashes. If there is any leakage below the margin of your eyelid, simply blot it away. It is important to discard the applicator after applying the solution to one eye. Use a fresh applicator for your second eyelid. Make certain you do not allow the tip of the dropper to come in contact with your eyelashes or another portion of your eyes or face. For optimal benefits, you must apply the solution on a regular basis at approximately the same time every day.


This treatment has received approval from the FDA. The solution was originally created for the treatment of eye conditions including glaucoma. This means if the solution accidentally gets into your eye, the chances of causing any damage are extremely slim. Contamination of the contents of the bottle or the dropper can be avoided simply by putting the dropper back into the bottle every time it is used.


In most cases, your results will become noticeable in approximately eight weeks. You need to use LATISSE® every day at about the same time for the best possible results. In some instances, there may be a slight difference in growth, fullness, color, length or thickness between the two different sets of eyelashes. The majority of individuals who have used this solution have been satisfied with the results.

If you are interested in learning more about this solution or if you are ready to begin using LATISSE®, you can obtain a prescription from Salas Plastic Surgery in Miami, FL. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!