Excess Skin? Learn More about a Tummy Tuck


If you’ve ever noticed excess skin on your abdomen, then you might want to visit a doctor to talk about a tummy tuck. This is a procedure that can tighten the stomach muscles so that you have the shapely appearance you desire. It’s an option to consider if you’ve tried everything from dieting to exercising with little to no results in your abdomen. Once the extra fat is removed, the skin is tightened, some being removed during the surgery.

Since this is considered a major type of surgery, you need to understand the procedure and the recovery process before making a decision. You should be in good physical health as this will aid in your recovery. A tummy tuck is a surgery that many women have after having children so that they can get the stomach that they had before pregnancy. However, women who think that they might have more children in the future should avoid having a tummy tuck performed as pregnancy can sometimes separate the abdominal muscles that were tightened. It’s also a surgery that should be avoided if you plan to lose any more weight. Once you get close to your goal weight, then you can usually begin the process of having a tummy tuck performed.

Find a doctor you’re comfortable with who can perform the surgery and who will listen to the desires that you have about the results that you could see. Let your doctor know about any medications that you’re taking so that you can make a plan for which ones you should stop taking over the days before your surgery. Once you’ve scheduled your tummy tuck surgery, you can begin to prepare for the day of the operation by making sure someone can drive you home and by having someone to help you at home until you’re able to move around on your own.

The length of time for the surgery will depend on how much fat is removed, how much skin is removed and tightened, and if there are any complications. Most surgeries will take between one and five hours to complete. In some situations, you might need to stay in the hospital overnight, but you can usually go home the same day.

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