Take Back the Years with a Face Lift

face lift

Facial skin reconstruction is a surgical procedure, but the advanced techniques used in performing a face lift make this a much simpler rejuvenation treatment than in previous decades. Unlike in the old days where the skin was merely stretched, today’s face lift surgeries are a bit more detailed and involve localized smoothing and precise reattachment. It’s all about creating a more youthful appearance — one that many adults remember from their younger years.

A consultation and some pre-treatment care are required, but a complete face lift can typically produce results that last for up to a decade or more. If you’re in your mature adult years and are losing the battle against age-related wrinkling and skin sagging, this type of surgery might be just what you need.

Smoothing the Skin

Fat either accumulates beneath the facial skin as you age, or it may sag or fall to the jawline. Either way, the skin becomes loose and shows creases or folds. Dimples are in all the wrong places, and nasolabial folds become more prominent. Tiny wrinkles become larger and tend to group together, making for a brittle, dull appearance. A face lift can correct these problems.

This type of surgical procedure can be combined with a neck lift or other surgeries. Some of our clients opt for this combination surgery because they are also experiencing drooping and horizontal banding on the neck region.

This type of procedure is performed by loosening the skin from the subcutaneous tissues. The skin is pulled away from the subdermal layers, and fat and muscle tissue are removed or repositioned. When the skin is draped back into place, it can be pulled upward to make it taut.

Is a Face Lift Right for You?

The first step is to consult with us so that we can view your facial features and talk about your health and medical history. We can suggest one of the various skin tightening procedures and get you ready by giving you information that tells you how to prepare for the surgery.

A face lift is a simple procedure, and most of our clients require minimal downtime afterwards. Smoother skin that creates a more youthful, healthy countenance is what everyone wants, and it’s possible with a one-time face lift surgery.

To get more information, schedule a consultation with our specialist at Salas Plastic Surgery in Miami. Take back your youth via skin repositioning, and enjoy an elevated level of self-esteem. Contact us today to book your appointment!