Take the Next Step with a Breast Lift

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You have always been comfortable with the size of your breasts. You’ve felt like they have been completely in proportion with your body. They aren’t too small or too large. You have felt good about your figure. However, changes in weight and pregnancy have caused changes you never expected. The size of your breasts are fine, but they are hanging down much too low. No amount of exercise will lift them up again. Your only option has been supportive bras that create the illusion of perky breasts. As soon as the bra comes off, you are back to sagging breasts. You can choose to regain your confidence with a breast lift.

What Can a Breast Lift Do for You?

A breast lift can transform your breasts, making it look like you turned back time. Our surgeon will eliminate excess skin, sculpt the tissue of your breast to make a more attractive shape, and move your nipples and areolas up to a higher position. In the end, you will regain your younger bust. Your body is going to go through changes as you get older. It’s a normal part of life. That doesn’t mean you have to accept the way your body looks if you are unhappy.

How Do You Get Started with a Breast Lift?

The first step in getting a breast lift is to go to our plastic surgeon for a consultation. Our surgeon will want to make sure this is what you want. Your breasts will be evaluated. If you do want to change the size of your breasts, you can also have breast implants. If you need to lose weight, you should wait to trim off extra pounds because your breasts will change again. The same holds true if you become pregnant. Every pregnancy will take a toll on your breasts again. Make sure your body is stable before you choose to move forward with breast lift surgery.

Learn More about What a Breast Lift Can Do for You

Take the next step toward a rejuvenated bust by talking to our plastic surgeon at Salas Plastic Surgery in Miami, FL. You can bring old photos of what your bust used to look like before it changed over time. Look at the photos of our surgeon’s patients who chose the same path. Make an informed decision before you move forward with a breast lift. Our surgeon will take the time to make sure you know what a breast lift can mean for you. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!