Recovering from a Brazilian Butt Lift

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Many women look in the mirror and wish they could improve the shape and proportion of their buttocks. But weighted squats and jumping lunges can only go so far. We want to help our clients love what they see in the mirror and how they feel in and out of their clothes. That’s why we’re proud to offer the Brazilian butt lift, the fastest-growing cosmetic procedure in the country.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the appearance of your buttocks with three simple steps. First, liposuction is used to extract fat from an area where there is excess. Once the extracted fat is purified, it is prepared for transfer. The final step is injecting the removed fat into carefully selected points in the buttocks.

The final result is enhanced shape and increased volume. Keep in mind, not all fat injected into your buttocks will “take.” Our highly experienced plastic surgeon takes this into account and knows just how much to inject so that the end result is what you want.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

The Brazilian butt lift recovery is a little different from recovery from other procedures. However, recovery is quicker than many procedures, and discomfort is minimal and managed easily with medication.

Daily Activities

Within days of your Brazilian butt lift, you can resume light daily activities. After you have been cleared by our team, you can return to work. If you follow all of our plastic surgeon’s instructions, you will recover from this procedure before you know it.


For a set amount of time following your procedure, you can’t sit or lie on your buttocks directly. During this time, you can sit in a modified position. You may want to place a pillow beneath your thighs or use a “donut” seat.


Within months, the final results of your procedure will be realized. Your clothes will fit better. Your lower body will be more proportional to your upper body, giving you the desired hourglass figure. There will also be no swelling.

The results of a Brazilian butt lift are designed to be permanent. For the best results, maintain a stable weight following your procedure. Since adults can’t grow new fat cells, the regions treated with liposuction won’t be significantly affected by weight gain. However, if you gain a significant amount of weight following the procedure, your body may still become disproportionate. This procedure is best suited for people who are committed to a healthy lifestyle.

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