What Makes the Brazilian Butt Lift So Popular?

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The reason for the rise in popularity of the Brazil butt lift (BBL) is hidden in plain sight. The rise of the Internet and social media, and the constant buzz of pop culture icons across iPhones, tables, television and movie screens have made curves the new fashion craze. At the forefront of innovative procedures is Dr. Emerick Salas, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and founder of Salas Plastic Surgery in Miami. Dr. Salas is one of the few doctors in Miami who personally performs all his patient’s treatments, a unique quality that keeps him at the head of his profession.

Appeal of the Brazilian Butt Lift

Surgeons say that plastic surgery used to be all about reduction, such as reducing the nose. Today, women are seeking a more voluptuous shape. The trend, therefore, is away from reduction and toward augmentation. Of course, what is considered an attractive figure is entirely subjective, meaning this is a procedure you have to decide on for yourself.

Who Is Having It Done?


Instagram sensation Kim Kardashian has inspired an entire generation of millennials to undergo the BBL procedure. Doctors report that patients have asked that they look “as good as they do in their snapchat filters”.

Snapchat “gives people an idea of what they want to change about themselves in ways that aren’t necessarily possible,” said Dr. Alyssa Golas, clinical assistant professor of plastic surgery at NYU Langone Health. “I think that’s also had an effect on the age of people coming in. We’re seeing a lot of younger people come in.”

Women Over 40

An increasing number of women over 40 are also turning to the procedure for cosmetic purposes. These women are looking to have post-pregnancy fat removed or are simply fighting gravity, father time or their anatomy.

The Difference Between BBL and Implants

Why Not Implants?

Patients who opt for an implant procedure can experience pain and infection and may be required to avoid sitting directly for a long period of time. The surgery itself takes two to three hours and patients may be required to be out of work for about two weeks. The possibility of post-operative complications is also high and has resulted in some doctors not only steering patients toward BBL but having ceased performing implant procedures altogether.

BBL Is Not an Implant

The Brazil butt lift differs greatly from an implant procedure – it is not an implant procedure in any regard. The BBL procedure “harvests” fat from a “donor area” which is then injected into the buttocks. Some surgeons referred to this as “filling the skin envelope” with stubborn body fat that cannot be removed by way of exercise or may linger following pregnancy.

First, liposuction is used to extract fat from an area where there is excess. Once the extracted fat is purified, it is prepared for transfer. The final step is injecting the removed fat into carefully selected points in the buttocks.

The “Donor Area”

For many, the “donor area” is the belly, hips, back or thighs. Dr. Salas will employ a traditional liposuction procedure using a cannula to loosen and remove fat before preparing it for re-injection into your buttocks.

It is important that you consider whether or not you are a good candidate for such a procedure. Contributing factors are your skin tone in the hips and buttocks, whether you have adequate fat in the “donor areas” and if you are willing and able to follow all post-operative instructions carefully so as to maximize the impact of the surgery.

As familiarity and understanding of the brazilian butt lift surgery has risen, it has become apparent that many aspects of the brazilian butt lift are most appealing to women who have undergone this procedure. The following are the main factors which have contributed to the popularity of the BBL based upon interviews conducted with patients themselves:

Wide Ranging Appeal

For many, the desire to remove certain areas of unwanted fat is a necessity, be it for health or cosmetic reasons. After having exhausted every method available (hours on the treadmill, meal prepping, eating lean, intermittent fasting), if you can still pinch more than an inch and you are exhausted (and hungry), then this procedure could be right for you.

For these reasons, women have turned to the BBL to “rearrange” unwanted fat. This is a fantastic option for women who cannot seem to “trim the fat” despite their best efforts. Appealing to those looking to improve upon what they have, as well as those looking to make subtle changes, the brazilian butt lift is suitable for aesthetic, cosmetic, personal and professional purposes. The wide range of individuals that this procedure appeals to, therefore, is enormous and makes obvious why the procedure is so popular.


The procedure itself does not involve complicated medical terminology and is very easy to understand. Simply stated, unwanted body fat is removed by the surgeon, washed, spun and purified before being re-introduced to the body.

Most people understand this right off the bat and are comfortable with the procedure because it is their own body fat being utilized to augment the buttocks. This is dramatically different from implants, where an outside agent is introduced into the body, causing many people to feel uneasy and shy away from such a procedure.

Minimally Invasive

Because the procedure only requires small incisions, there are no lasting scars, and the possibility of postoperative complications is sharply reduced. Prior to the procedure, each step is carefully explained to the patient and is not commenced until she is comfortable with and knowledgeable about the procedure.

From there, patients are placed under anesthesia in the comfort of Dr. Salas’ Miami office. Patients are allowed to recover following the procedure as the body heals.


Because of the rise in popularity of the BBL in recent years, surgeons have met the call with numerous ways that individuals can pay for such a procedure.

Not only are specials run often, depending on the season and time of year, but it is now common for surgeons to offer financing to patients, making the Brazil Butt Lift an even more appealing procedure than ever before.


Many women have commented on the natural and unblemished appearance of their body shortly after the procedure has been completed. Both family and friends have remarked they cannot tell that a procedure has been performed at all!

That is because a large part of the procedure itself relies upon a person’s own body fat simply being moved from one area to another. This natural appearance is a massive selling point for many women who do not want any lasting remnants of the procedure. The hallmark of a Brazil butt lift is that it maintains the natural beauty, shape and curve while, at the same time, offering an enhancement that is noticeable yet understated.


Whether a woman is seeking to realize a dramatic change in her appearance or to very subtly enhance the shape and contour of her body, Dr. Salas is a Harvard-trained surgeon who is capable of meeting and exceeding the expectations of the patient.

Dr. Salas will meet personally with you and go over your specific goals and desires, contouring a plan that is specifically tailored to your needs. The BBL is the perfect choice both for the patient who is seeking a dramatic improvement in their appearance and the patient who is seeking to refine and augment certain target areas.

Minimal Recovery Time

Of course, as with any procedure, it is expected that a patient will require time to recover. However, given the minimally-invasive nature of this procedure, a patient will only require two-to-three days of recovery time at most.

During the recovery time, it is natural to experience soreness in the areas where unwanted, excess fat was removed. However, most patients are able to resume light activities shortly after the procedure and can perform their normal activities of daily living in less than one week. Discomfort is minimal and is managed easily with medication.

For the best results, maintain a stable weight following your procedure. Since adults can’t grow new fat cells, the regions treated with liposuction won’t be significantly affected by weight gain. However, if you gain a significant amount of weight following the procedure, your body may still become disproportionate. This procedure is best suited for people who are committed to a healthy lifestyle.


Results vary from patient to patient, but, by and large, you will see the results of the BBL in the mirror and in the way your clothes fit. The change in the contour of your body will be noticeably different from the results you would achieve through exercise alone – squats and diet will only get you so far! It will not take long for you to realize and confirm that you made the right decision (and if you don’t think so, you will definitely hear that you did from others!)


Because one’s own body fat is merely being transferred from one section of the body to another, the fat itself remains intact, only in a new location on the body. Of course, a certain portion of the fat will be reabsorbed by the body, but the portion that does remain is permanent and natural-looking in appearance.

Because the goal of almost every patient is to ensure that there are no long-lasting effects of the procedure and to maintain a natural appearance, this is another aspect of the Brazil butt lift that has caused it to rise in popularity.

Additional Benefits

Patients report a reduction of fat in troubled areas following this procedure as well as a spike in confidence and self-esteem. Many patients report that not only are their buttocks bigger, but their stomach, flanks and/or thighs are smaller.

For many, the BBL is a “game-changer” and has instilled them with the confidence they were lacking to take that next step in their lives. This unexpected benefit only reinforces the importance and impact of this procedure and the life-changing results it has to offer.

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