How Is a Neck Lift Performed?

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When the skin on your neck and chin is looser than you want it to be, or fatty deposits are causing the skin around your lower face to make you look older than you are, a neck lift may be the right solution for you. At Salas Plastic Surgery in Miami, FL we can help you get the skin around your neck, chin, and jawline back to the way it was when you were younger. A neck lift may change your life. 

How Is a Neck Lift Performed?

Neck Lifts 

A neck lift is a procedure in cosmetic surgery that involves taking excess fat and skin from the neck area and tightening or removing it to create a tighter, more youthful-looking appearance. A lift in the neck area is performed by knowledgeable medical professionals and is considered a safe and effective procedure. You will notice a drastic change in the appearance of your neck and the surrounding skin when the procedure is completed and the area has healed.

This is a procedure that many people opt for when other methods have not given them the results they were looking for or when they felt a significant desire to change the way their neck and surrounding areas appeared to others. If you experience embarrassment about the way your neck looks, or if this area keeps you from engaging in activities due to your lack of self-esteem, this is a treatment you will want to consider pursuing.

Reasons for Neck Lifts

Loose Jowls

Limp or moving skin along the jawline comes from areas where the skin has loosened and falls away from the face due to gravity. When fat is deposited in these loose pockets, the result is jowls. These are areas of the face near the jawline that hang down and move separately from the rest of the face.

Jowls can be a source of insecurity. Tightening the skin in this area can eliminate or reduce the appearance of jowls.

Fatty Deposits

Sometimes fat is deposited in areas of the face where it looks out of place and creates mass or bumps in places that should be smooth and tight. These lumps and bumps can appear in the face over time causing an older appearance.

Sometimes this fat settles into the chin area and creates the illusion of a double chin. People may even have the appearance of a triple chin. This is simply layers of fat that hang down below the chin area. Sometimes this is a normal part of aging, and other times it is caused by weight gain. Even if people who have a double-chin lose weight, they are often unable to correct the problem of fat deposits underneath the chin. Even if the fat deposits go away, the problems of the hanging, loose skin are still there.

Skin Relaxation In the Chin Area

When the skin relaxes in the chin area, due to fatty deposits from weight gain or for another reason, it can hang down and continue to get lower and more pronounced as time goes on. There is no way of reversing this process once it has begun, and the sagging area will tend to increase and expand. The drooping skin under the chin may even connect to the skin on the jawline and create a large flap of loose skin underneath the entire face.

Loose Neck Skin

The skin around the face isn’t the only skin that can become loose. The skin on the neck itself can lose structure and fall. This is a situation that can make you feel very uncomfortable and is easily remedied by lifting the skin on the neck.

Contours In the Neck

When the muscles around the back of the neck are banded, it can create contours in the skin on the neck. These may look like dents or deep ridges in the skin. Many people who have to deal with this type of neck skin will often attempt to hide the problem with turtlenecks and high collars. A procedure that can help these muscles relax fill in the contours and creases will allow you to wear anything you want with confidence.

Neck Lifts and Facelifts

Many people ask about the difference between a neck lift and a facelift. The difference is that a facelift involves smoothing and shaping the entire face, especially the area around the eyes in addition to the lower part of the face. People often find that only one part of their faces is a problem. The skin around the chin and the neck will sometimes age more quickly than the skin in the upper part of the face.

In cases like this, it doesn’t make sense to do an entire facelift when only the lower area is causing you problems. That’s why lifting the skin in the neck and chin area alone is a good option for many people.

Good Candidates for the Procedure

We will schedule a consultation in our office to give you more information about the procedure, answer any questions you might have, and determine whether or not you are a candidate. There are several factors that may go into determining whether you are a good fit for this procedure. We will discuss them with you as we make the decision together.

In general, good candidates for this option are people in generally good health. It is helpful if you are a non-smoker and do not drink to excess or use certain drugs and medication. A good candidate will also have a realistic understanding of what to expect from the procedure. Every case is different, so it will require a consultation to determine if this is the best course of action in your case.

Other Options

There are other options for lifting the skin that most people will try before actually having the procedure. Among these are creams and infections that can help fill in loose areas or cause the skin to tighten. In some cases, these treatments may not work, or they may stop working over the course of years. If this has happened to you, lifting the skin around the neck may be a good choice.

Sometimes people try to solve their skin problems with nutrition and exercise. While a healthy lifestyle is always a benefit in any situation, dieting simply will not erase the problem of loose skin. In fact, sometimes people will require a skin lift after losing weight because the skin has been stretched and will not spring back. Trying to use your diet to control the skin on your face will only lead to frustration.

The Process


The procedure starts with a consultation between you and the doctor as well as anyone else you would like to include. We will take photos and candidly discuss what you can expect from the procedure. We will then outline a plan for you that may contain options about additional procedures that can be done simultaneously with your neck lift.

When it is time for the procedure, you will be given some type of sedation. The method of sedation used will depend on your health history and your own preferences. We will discuss your choices with you so you can make the right decision.


Typically several small incisions are required for this procedure. The most commonly used incisions start near your ears and go down along your hairline. You may also need an incision at the base of your chin. The incisions will be small to avoid scars.


The surgeon will then lift the skin and redistribute the tissues underneath the chin and neck area. Certain muscles will be tightened as well.

Fat Removal

Any fat deposits will be removed or redistributed to erase the appearance of lumps or fatty bumps. The fat may also be sculpted in certain areas to create proper contours. The skin will then be pulled back tightly over the face.


The incisions are then closed with stitches, and the procedure is finished. You will have bandages wrapped around your chin to apply pressure to the area and allow it to heal.


Recovery time varies with the individual patient, but it typically does not take any longer than a few weeks. You will soon be able to have your bandages removed and be enjoying life again with a younger-looking appearance.

Expected Results

Tighter Skin Around the Neck

After your procedure, you can expect the skin on and around your neck to be tighter. You will no longer have areas where the skin is loose or heavy.

Minimized Jowls

Your jowls will become smaller once the fatty deposits are removed and the skin is pulled back into place.

Smoother Skin

Your skin will be smoother than it was before as the fat is redistributed and the skin is taut rather than hanging.

Reduced Excess Skin

Any excess skin will be either tightened or removed, so it will no longer be hanging. Any signs of oversized jowls will be removed, and your skin will be shaped to your chin and neck as it was when you were younger.

Additional Benefits

Discreet Results

Because the incisions are small and carefully made, no one will know for sure that you had a procedure done. Other people may notice that your skin looks better than it did before, but they will not be able to see tell-tale signs of surgery such as scarring. Your procedure will be your secret to tell or keep to yourself as you wish.

Younger Appearance

Loose skin is something that indicates age, so without it, you will appear younger than before. You will no longer have to feel embarrassed when people guess that you are older than you are. Instead, you will have the wonderful experience of looking younger than your actual age. It will be up to you if you reveal your true age to anyone.

Greater Confidence

One of the most important benefits of having this procedure is the chance to raise your confidence and self-esteem. It is hard to have a friendly, bubbly personality when you are thinking about how you look. And maybe you were embarrassed about the folds on your neck or the excess skin on your chin. With that taken care of, you are free to focus on bring the positive, energetic person you are inside.

Get Started on a Younger Look Today

A neck lift is a procedure that can certainly change your life and have a positive impact on your physical and mental health. It is something that has transformed many people and will continue to bring help to people who suffer from facial skin they dislike.

If you are struggling with loose skin on your neck, chin, or jawline, we can help. Call us at Salas Plastic Surgery in Miami, FL to schedule a time to come in for a caring, honest conversation about your needs and expectations. We will make sure you have all the answers about the procedure and are comfortable that you have the knowledge to decide whether or not to move forward.