DiamondGlow Facial Treatments in Miami

DiamondGlow Facial Treatments in Miami

A professional facial is a proven way to renew the look of your skin by adding hydration and restoring balance.

Some facials exfoliate the skin, others deep clean the pores, and some bathe the skin in moisture, but only one facial treatment does all three—the DiamondGlow facial. 

What Is a DiamondGlow Facial Treatment?

The DiamondGlow facial treatment is three treatments in one. First, the treatment gently removes the dead, protective outer layer of the skin with microdermabrasion. Next, hydrodermabrasion uses water and a diamond tip to exfoliate the skin to clear clogged pores and combat acne.

Simultaneously, the same process allows your skin to be infused with beneficial moisture while tightening pores. This fantastic skin peel adjusts to any skin type, from sensitive to oily. The entire treatment takes about an hour and is entirely painless.

The DiamondGlow facial treatment is more than just a facial—it is a skin transformation. Unlike other treatments that are one size fits all, the DiamondGlow facial treatment is customizable to your unique skin. The different results from the diamond tips help your aesthetician target precisely what your skin needs. Each diamond tip addresses different skin issues, while the serums work to replenish and rejuvenate.

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Why Is DiamondGlow Different?

The revolutionary DiamondGlow technology combines three treatments (exfoliating, hydrating serums, and healing solutions). The power of the three approaches at the same time produces benefits for your skin right away. No other facial treatment simultaneously delivers everything your skin needs to look youthful and new.

The DiamondGlow technology delivers transformed skin that looks and feels different for added confidence in your appearance. With longer-lasting results, the DiamondGlow facial treatment changes the texture and look of the skin.

Is a DiamondGlow Facial for Me?

In reality, almost anyone is a good candidate for a DiamondGlow facial. If your skin shows signs of aging, such as wrinkles, lines, and roughness, the DiamondGlow facial is for you. Skin that has hyperpigmentation, acne, or acne scars can also respond positively to the DiamondGlow technology.

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How DiamondGlow Facials Work

The DiamondGlow facial treatment uses a real diamond tip to rejuvenate and exfoliate your skin. With a resurfacing device called the “3X1™ Technology” that removes impurities and infuses the skin with a rejuvenating serum, the DiamondGlow facial reveals new skin cells and brighter skin surfaces right away.

The infusion of exceptional serums permeates the skin in a split second after the pores clear and the dead surface cells slough away. There is no other procedure like the DiamondGlow facial treatment to improve the skin’s clarity, smoothness, and appearance.

The Diamondglow “3X1™ Technology” comes with six natural diamond tips to exfoliate different layers of the dead skin from your face. No other technology can tailor the exfoliation to your unique skin needs. Once the exfoliation clears the dead skin and opens the pores, the cleansed skin is buffed and ready for the hydrating, luxurious serums.
With the signature diamond-tipped wand, we apply the serums that nourish your skin from the inside out. The open pores soak up the delightfully hydrating serums for a fresh-faced appearance. The DiamondGlow facial treatment delivers the results you want without discomfort or harsh chemicals.
The same diamond-tipped wand boasts a proprietary suction system that gently removes the impurities and dirt from your pores. By removing the dirt and bacteria that cause rough, bumpy skin and acne breakouts, your skin is smoother and less prone to problems.
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What Are the Benefits of This Treatment?

The benefits are excellent, and they continue to work for up to 8 weeks. The DiamondGlow facial treatment helps with rough, bumpy skin by cleaning the clogged pores. People with acne will find clearer skin that is less prone to breakouts.

Young and aging skin will notice fewer lines and flaws, and your skin will look smoother with a fresh, even complexion. The DiamondGlow facial treatment will plump and hydrate the skin and eliminate rough areas. This revolutionary treatment also improves blood circulation in the facial skin to produce a lovely glow.

The benefits include reducing melasma, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation. The DiamondGlow facial treatment can plump the facial skin up to 70%  and stimulate cell renewal. Dehydrated and dry skin has moisture returned for a youthful, dewy appearance. The benefits also include reducing a rough skin surface and congestion.

What To Expect After a DiamondGlow Treatment

You can expect little to no downtime after a DiamondGlow facial treatment. You might notice some mild skin tightening and exfoliation, and the skin could be light pink, but this usually fades quickly to reveal a new, rejuvenated facial surface. The skin discolorations will disappear, and the acne breakouts will lessen.

You can expect to enjoy transformed skin for up to 8 weeks. Scheduling a treatment every 3-4 weeks is ideal to start until you have had three treatments. Then, you can plan to have a DiamondGlow facial treatment every three months to maintain excellent results.

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Common Questions About DiamondGlow

The average cost of the DiamondGlow facial treatment averages between $175-$350. Patients who have had the treatment say it is 100% worth the price for the transformative, lasting results.

The DiamondGlow facial treatment results can last up to 8 weeks. Scheduling a treatment every 3-4 weeks for a total of 3 treatments produces the best results. Afterward, you can schedule a DiamondGlow facial every three months to maintain your youthful, dewy skin.

While the HydraFacial treatment deep cleans and hydrates the skin surface of many patients, the next-level DiamondGlow facial treatment penetrates deeper than the surface of the skin.  The DiamondGlow facial treatment resurfaces the skin while also cleaning, exfoliating, and infusing luxurious serums into the deeper skin layers.

Yes! You can return to your normal activities right after the DiamondGlow facial treatment—even putting on makeup. Some doctors recommend that you use mineral-based makeup after the DiamondGlow facial treatment. Whether you need to return to work or head to an exercise class, your renewed face will be ready for whatever you have planned.

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If you’re ready to take the next step in rejuvenating your skin you should talk to the medical esthetician at Salas Plastic Surgery about DiamondGlow Facials.  After just one session you will see enhanced clarity and luminosity in your skin and you’ll see continued improvement with each treatment.

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