Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful in their body.

All women develop breasts differently, but breast augmentation surgery is an excellent way to create stunning, full breasts proportionate to the body. This surgical procedure from Dr. Salas at Salas Plastic Surgery will give your body the physical enhancement you desire.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a procedure that changes the appearance of breasts by placing implants or fat over or under the chest muscles. The treatment may increase the size of the breasts, enhance their shape, or improve their placement to make a visually pleasing profile that complements a woman’s curves.

Plastic surgeons tailor breast reconstruction surgery to meet each patient’s specific needs and desires regarding their physical appearance. Women get the surgery for several reasons, including:

  •     Weight loss
  •     Pregnancy
  •     Breastfeeding
  •     Breast asymmetry
  •     Self-esteem
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How Is a Breast Augmentation Procedure Performed?

Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure that will occur at our clinic. You will receive general anesthesia to ensure you are comfortable and experience no pain during the enhancement process.

Dr. Salas will use his exceptional plastic surgery skills and artistry to create space in your body to position the implants and make the breasts look and feel more youthful and attractive. Because every patient is different, he uses several techniques and implants to contour his patients’ breasts according to their goals.

Types of Breast Augmentation

Natural breast augmentation will help you achieve your desired breast size and shape without implants. The term for this procedure is fat transfer breast augmentation. With this treatment, the surgeon obtains body fat from another part of the body through liposuction, usually the abdomen or thighs, to boost your breasts’ shape and size.

Though fat transfer breast augmentation is an option, implants may be a better choice.

As one of the most common breast implant materials, silicone best mimics natural breast tissue. It’s a Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved material for patients over 22 years old.

The interior of the implant consists of silicone gel, so it won’t deflate if one develops a leak. A follow-up appointment at Salas Plastic Surgery will ensure that they maintain the look and structural integrity necessary to create the optimal appearance.

Gummy bear implants are form-stable silicone-based implants that maintain their shapes at all times. The gel inside them has a thicker consistency, which gives breasts a firmer form.

The results of this material are a mix of silicone and saline implants. The breasts will have the natural appearance and movement that silicone provides and the symmetrical appearance of saline. Structured saline implants have several chambers that help the solution inside the shells move around, creating a natural-looking heft and bounce.

Saline implants contain sterilized saltwater and create a uniform feel and appearance in breasts. People like them because they can create flexible bra sizes, meaning you can customize them to your liking. An implant rupture is possible, but saline implants come with easy leak detection to prevent complications.

Dr. Salas inserts empty shells into the breasts. Once the placement is ideal, he will slowly fill the shells with saline until they reach the precise size you want. Because the implants are empty when they enter the body, it allows Dr. Salas to achieve symmetry, which is excellent for people with uneven breasts.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Details

Your Initial Consultation Appointment

Before the surgery can occur, you will meet with Dr. Salas to discuss your concerns, goals, and reasons for breast augmentation. After the initial discussion, he will conduct a thorough physical examination and evaluate your breasts to help you determine the best implant materials and surgical techniques to create the breast profile you want.

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What to Expect During Breast Augmentation Surgery

During the procedure, Dr. Salas will make a single incision under your breasts, around your areola, or above your belly button. Then, he will separate the breast tissue from the chest muscles to create a pocket in front of or behind the chest wall.

Next, he will insert the implants consisting of the predetermined material and center them behind your nipples. If saline implants are your choice material, he will fill them with the saltwater solution. When the implants are in their optimal position and measured for accuracy, he will use stitches or surgical tape to close the incision.

The Recovery Period

You will return home the same day as the procedure after recovering from the anesthesia under the care of the Salas Plastic Surgery medical team. Patients often experience swelling and discomfort for several weeks. Dr. Salas may prescribe pain medication, but you can also use a compression bandage in addition to your medications for pain management and support.

Be sure to follow Dr. Salas’ instructions about when to return to work or participate in physical activities, which may be at least two weeks after your breast augmentation.

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Breast Augmentation Frequently Asked Questions

People often assume that breast augmentation and implants go hand-in-hand for every patient, but that’s not entirely accurate. Breast augmentation is the process of contouring the breasts to achieve a specific profile.

For instance, a breast lift improves the perkiness of a patient’s breast, but that doesn’t mean they use or need implants. On the other hand, breast implants are a mechanism for achieving a specific breast profile and shape.

Depending on your body and desired breast size, the surgeon will use one of the following breast augmentation techniques to install your implants:

  •     Transumbilical: The surgeon will make an incision above the belly button and insert both breast implants through the cut with this technique. They will position the implants in the appropriate locations without cutting breast tissue.
  •     Inframammary: The surgeon will make a horizontal incision in the crease under each breast. Inframammary cuts provide extra space for inserting gummy bear implants while hiding the scars in the crease.
  •     Periareolar: This technique involves making an incision around the outer edge of the areolas, which hides the scarring in the pigmentation transition. It’s ideal for minor breast enhancement surgery.

According to a survey from the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, the average price of breast augmentation can range from $3,000 to $12,000. The price depends on several factors, including the surgeon conducting the procedure, breast implant material, and location of the surgery.

Breast augmentation is usually more expensive than enhancements involving implants due to the necessary liposuction for a fat transfer to sculpt the breasts.

It is necessary to note that each patient is different; there is no one-size-fits-all approach to breast reconstruction. When you undergo the procedure from Salas Plastic Surgery, we will go over the costs of each process we’ll need to perform to ensure that you receive detailed pricing.

Women who are good candidates for breast augmentation:

  •     Are generally healthy
  •     Has sagging, elongated, asymmetrical, low-volume breasts
  •     Is mentally sound
  •     Can rest and recover properly after the procedure

Because breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure, it’s usually not covered by insurance. Most patients will pay out of pocket for their treatment unless they receive breast reconstruction services after a mastectomy due to breast cancer.

It’s not uncommon for eligible patients to pay for their procedures with a payment plan. We will discuss costs and payments during our initial consultation.

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