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ZO® Skin Health

Whether you realize it or not, your skin is like armor protecting you from the outside world. Among other benefits, your skin protects you from the sun, keeps out infections, and helps to regulate your body temperature.

As you age, incorporating a well-rounded skincare routine into your daily life is not just important cosmetically but also important for your overall health. Using an effective anti-aging treatment like ZO® Skin Health will help you eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots while strengthening and rejuvenating your skin. Read on to find out more.

What Is ZO® Skin Health?

ZO® Skin Health is a medical-grade product line that rejuvenates the skin and enhances its overall condition. ZO® Skin Health treatments can only be prescribed by medical professionals qualified to restructure skin at the cellular level. These treatments can repair years of damage from the sun and the elements and correct many common skin concerns.

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How Can ZO® Skin Health Skincare Products Enhance My Skin?

To obtain the best results from skincare treatments, the ingredients must penetrate the skin’s surface to the dermis, where the collagen and elastin necessary for a smooth, young-looking complexion are generated. Because ZO® Skin Health products contain medical-grade ingredients, they can do more than over-the-counter skincare products, which typically remain on the skin’s surface.

What Can ZO® Skin Health Treat?

ZO® Skin can treat skin a wide variety of skin problems, including the following:

Sun Damage

Sun exposure can cause severe damage to the skin. Redness, roughness, and dry skin or peeling patches appear on the skin’s surface, showing the effects of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. However, much of the damage is on the molecular level, including the collagen and elastin necessary to keep the skin looking young.


Inflammation is part of the body’s defense system but can become a problem, causing cellular damage and accelerated skin aging.


Hyperpigmentation, otherwise known as dark spots or melasma, is produced by spikes in melanin levels. It can be caused by hormonal changes, sun exposure, and the use of certain medicines.


As we age, our skin becomes thinner and less able to withstand environmental damage or spring back when we frown or laugh. This leads to wrinkles, discoloration, age spots, and other skin problems.


Acne is very common, regardless of gender, especially in teens and young adults. Its effects can lead to lasting damage that increases the signs of aging. It is caused when excess surface oil, dead skin cells, and other impurities clog the facial pores.

ZO® Skin Health Anti-Aging Products

ZO® Skin Care offers many cutting-edge products that can be used as effective daily skincare to treat the effects of aging.

ZO® Skin Health® Hydrating Cleanser

This sulfate-free, gentle cleanser hydrates and smoothes skin as it cleans away dirt and impurities on the skin. Key ingredients also help support skin barrier function while calming irritation.

hydrating cleanser normal to dry skin


Aknebright™ is an acne treatment and skin brightening product in one. It offers targeted, speedy relief for acne breakouts and blackheads and calms the increased pigmentation caused by inflammation.


Calming Toner

Used after cleansing, this pH-balanced toner refreshes and calms the skin while strengthening its function as a protective barrier.

calming toner balance

Daily Power Defense

This potent serum treats fine lines and wrinkles while boosting skin health. Daily Power Defense also offers antioxidant protection while strengthening the skin to protect against future damage.

daily power defense

Firming Serum

This lightweight serum supports all skin types, including sensitive skin, improving skin health and offering noticeable improvement in its elasticity and texture.

firming serum
Grow factor serum

Growth Factor Serum

This lightweight gel has been clinically proven to improve skin appearance while fortifying it and boosting its rejuvenation.

Intense eye creme

Intense Eye Crème

This retinol-based treatment reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles and improves skin texture. Ingredients also include optical diffusers to enhance the appearance of dark circles and reduce puffiness.

Wrinkle + Texture Repair

This high-potency retinol treatment boosts skin renewal and hydration, lessening the appearance of fine lines and smoothing the skin.

wrinkle texture repair

Instant Pore Refiner

This lightweight serum soothes the skin, minimizes oil on its surface, and lessens the appearance of pores. At the same time, it exfoliates, helping prevent future breakouts.

Instante pore refine

Exfoliation Accelerator

This speeds skin regeneration by boosting the removal of dead skin cells. Any resulting irritated skin is soothed with a calming blend of aloe, green tea, and chamomile.

Exfoliation accelerator

Radical Night Repair

This retinol-based treatment offers pigment control while improving the skin’s texture and lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Radical night repair

Common Questions About ZO® Skin Health

Yes, ZO® Skin Health products are medical grade and designed to be used as part of skincare treatment protocols under medical supervision.

That depends on the issue they are prescribed to treat and the ingredients in the treatment. As a general guideline, products containing ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and AHAs immediately improve the complexion. Still, restoration of sub-dermal problem roots requires 4 to 6 months of constant AHA treatment. Products containing vitamin C can start to work in 3 weeks, while those with Retinol can take 8 to 12 weeks to show results.

Because they are medical-grade, ZO® products are only sold through authorized physicians.

The number of months skincare products can be used will change from product to product, depending on the ingredients. Containers indicate when the products inside them should be discarded via period after opening (PAO) information. This is usually a number followed by an “M.” The number represents the months the product can safely be used after the product has been opened.

Because ZO® Skin Health products are medical grade and, therefore, highly potent, treatments may result in peeling and/or reddened skin. This is a sign the treatment is working and skin regeneration is being stimulated. These symptoms disappear as the skin adjusts.

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