Ultherapy Face and Body Treatment Miami

As you age, your skin begins to wrinkle. The skin on your face, decolletage, neck, and eyebrows are the most visible areas that wrinkle. Ultherapy provides a non-surgical alternative to facelifts.

What Exactly Is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is a non-invasive, FDA-approved skin tightening technique. It uses ultrasound technology to build new collagen and create a more youthful appearance.

Increasing collagen production lifts the skin and reduces skin laxity or loose and sagging skin. There are no incision scars or recovery time since Ultherapy treatments use pulsating heat rather than injections. Ultherapy is the only FDA-approved treatment to tighten loose skin professionally.

Ultherapy procedures involve no downtime; you can go to dinner with your friends or family immediately after the treatment. The only thing they will notice is how refreshed you look! The procedures are virtually painless.

Dr. Salas then applies his skill, years of training, and artistic vision to determine which levels to use and where it needs to be applied to help you achieve your goals. Then as your body responds and produces new collagen, your appearance will continue to improve with the most notable results seen at 8-12 weeks.

How Does Ultherapy Differ From Other Skin-Tightening Treatments like Laser or Radiofrequency?

When it comes to reducing wrinkles, there are many options to consider. Laser skin resurfacing and radiofrequency are other popular methods used in place of surgical procedures.

Ultherapy uses heat and ultrasound energy to increase collagen production. It works by targeting the deeper layers of the skin and igniting collagen production.

Laser resurfacing uses pulsating laser beams to remove damaged skin layer by layer. Laser resurfacing is a popular treatment for wrinkles, scarring, sun damage, and other skin abnormalities.

Radiofrequency uses electromagnetic waves to treat blemishes, remove unwanted hair, and rejuvenate skin. It is ideal for those who want to tighten sagging skin without worrying about recovery downtime.

Radiofrequency treats the skin’s surface, whereas Ultherapy treats the deeper layers.

Who Can Benefit From Ultherapy?

Ideal candidates for Ultherapy have developed sagging skin, facial wrinkling, and possibly loss of volume, or perhaps they are just trying to slow the appearance of these signs of aging, perhaps trying to put off a facelift as long as possible!

Numerous options (both surgical and non-surgical) are available to address these issues. Ultherapy either by itself or in combination with surgical intervention (facelift, neck lift, eyelid lift, etc.) may be the answer. Dr. Salas at Salas Plastic Surgery Miami will personally evaluate you to help find the best options for your desired outcomes.

Anyone looking to improve collagen growth, reduce wrinkles, or enhance skin elasticity can benefit from Ultherapy. The non-surgical facelift allows you to improve the surface of your skin without needing chemicals or needles.

What Does An Ultherapy Treatment Entail & How Does It Feel?

First and foremost, Ultherapy is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment. This means there is no incision, no impact on the surface of your skin, and no downtime. Ultherapy technicians can jump-start your skin’s natural collagen production by using ultrasound waves and heat, thereby tightening your skin.

How Long Does Ultherapy Last?

Ultherapy treatments can last between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on the area or areas you are having treated. Treatments on the neck and face typically last about an hour, whereas chest procedures take about 30 minutes.

Is Ultherapy Painful?

Most patients who receive Ultherapy experience intermittent feelings of heat and tingling during the procedure. Pain is not typical; however, medications are available for pain management and to create a more comfortable experience if needed.

When Do You See Results & How Long Do They Last?

Ultherapy’s results are typically immediate, with continuous improvement over a few months. For most patients, the procedure’s effectiveness creates long-lasting results.

How Many Treatments Do You Need for Ultherapy?

One of the main benefits of Ultherapy is that it only requires one treatment per area.  Results can last a year or more, so most patients will only need to return every 12 months or so.

Are Ultherapy Results Immediate?

Results are typically noticeable after a few days. You will begin to notice significant improvements after a few months, and peak results are usually seen around the sixth month following the procedure.

How Long Do the Effects of Ultherapy Last?

Ultherapy produces permanent results; however, it does not prevent the natural aging process. Your body will continue to age at a regular rate, but Ultherapy helps to rejuvenate your skin in the meantime.

Ultherapy Before & After Photos

Typical Ultherapy Treatment Areas

While Ultherapy could technically be used to rejuvenate collagen and tighten the skin just about anywhere on your body, here are a few of the more common areas patients will have treated.

  • Skin Around the Eyes
    Crow’s nest and drooping skin around the eyes are among the first signs of aging. Ultherapy is an excellent non-invasive alternative to a surgical brow lift or other procedures.
  • Skin On The Forehead
    A lowered eyebrow line is common with aging. Improving the connective tissue on your face with ultrasound waves is ideal for creating a more youthful appearance without needles.
  • Skin on the Neck
    The skin on your neck ages at the same rate as the skin on your face. Non-invasive procedures are ideal for creating a comfortable experience when addressing the skin on your neck.
  • Skin on the Chin
    Double-chins and sagging skin can seem impossible to get rid of. Ultherapy improves the skin laxity to improve the collagen around your chin.
  • Skin on the Cheeks
    Ultherapy is especially useful for sagging cheeks. It uses ultrasound waves to enhance the natural proteins in your face, creating a more youthful look.
  • Skin on the Jowls
    Improving the appearance of jowls is an easy task for Ultherapy treatments.

Common Questions About Ultherapy

Still unsure whether an Ultherapy treatment is right for you? Want to learn more about how the treatment works? Here are some of the more frequent questions we receive about Ultherapy treatments.

What Risks Are Involved With Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is a safe procedure with minimal risks. Following the procedure, you may experience feelings of heat or tingling for a few hours. Other common side effects may include swelling and tenderness. Bruising is rare; however, it will go away within a few days if it does occur.

How Much Does Ultherapy Treatment Cost?

The cost of Ultherapy treatments depends on a few factors, such as:

  1. The location of the procedure
  2. The number of sessions
  3. The areas being treated
  4. The technician performing the treatment

Ultherapy is significantly less expensive than a facelift. The average facelift can cost more than $7,000, whereas Ultherapy treatments typically cost less than $2,000. Scheduling a consultation and speaking with your technician is best to determine the actual cost.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Ultherapy?

Another benefit to Ultherapy is the minimal downtime. Since the treatment does not require incisions or injections, you can return to your regular daily routine immediately following the procedure.

What’s Better: Ultherapy or Thermage?

Ultherapy and Thermage are similar non-surgical procedures that address sagging skin and wrinkles. Thermage uses radiofrequency waves to treat the outer layer of skin to promote collagen growth. Ultherapy treats the skin from the inside out by targeting the deeper layers of the skin.

Cosmetic surgeons typically recommend Thermage to treat the face, abdomen, and thighs, and Ultherapy is generally better for treating the browline, neck, chest, and chin. Ultimately, your technician will help you determine which treatment is best for achieving your specific goals.

Schedule An Ultherapy Consultation In Miami

Ultherapy provides a non-invasive alternative to facelifts for those looking to achieve a more youthful appearance. By improving collagen production without surgical procedures, you can reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity without the longer recovery time of a facelift.

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